Please note -Verity is being advertised on behalf of Good Life Dog Rescue so their terms and adoption conditions apply.

Verity has come into care from the stray kennels and is a very loving young girl with an unknown but clearly sad past. On arrival Verity had a swollen front paw which has recently been treated with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics  She has now undergone a full health check at our vets and been treated for a very poor coat and some patches of balding fur. Verity is very unhappy in kennels and craves company. She initially belonged to another rescue but now is one of the Good Life Dogs. Verity went out to a new home but was a little challenging with the lady of the home with regards to being told her rules. She will benefit from a home where she will have firm yet fair rules and boundaries in place. She has been extremely obedient with the man of the home and will need to fairly know her boundary and pecking order. Verity is a very affectionate dog and has been very good with other calmer dogs at the kennels. She walks nicely and has been out walking with little our other dogs without issues. This lady is very loving and will benefit from a home who love staffs and can offer some guidance. She has lots of love to give and sadly finds kennels very miserable.


Verity will need a home that can offer firm, fair and calm boundaries from the start. A quieter home with plenty of love where she will settle without too much control from herself. A firm pecking order will need to be known or she will take a mile. Verity needs lots of company, love and reassurance. Although she has been very happy at the kennels with our walking volunteers children we prefer to rehome her with older children. She loves her walks and her adventures outside so will need an active home. Verity is small and pretty and will benefit from lots of love and a routine in her new home. She is very clean in the home and craves love from people. Company and a home where she will not spend long hours alone would be brilliant for her and someone with an understanding of her breed. We sadly do not know Verity’s sad past but her future will be a very happy one in a kind and loving home. For further details and to arrange a visit please contact Good Life Dog Rescue on 07843151819.