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NB. Street collection booked 14th to 17th August.  See results & photo’s attached

During August, BADAW is one of 3 charities nominated by Asda, Barnsley.  Customers can pick up green tokens at checkout and use these to vote for their favourite charity (voting box in the entrance).  Votes are counted at the end of the period and we presume, Asda will then decide on how much to award to each charity.  Please vote for us and watch this space!  

5.8.13 – Bob (now Bobby) the Terrier rehomed to Ms Field in Barnsley

5.8.13 – Woodley (now Woody) rehomed to the Paterson family in Doncaster.  See photo of Woody (at the back) with his new pal Rocky: Woody and Rocky resized

5.8.13 – Lexi the Staffy rehomed to the Walters family in Huddersfield

5.8.13 – Missy the crossbreed rehomed to Ms Oxlee in Leeds

5.8.13 – Pinto (now George) the Staffy rehomed to Ms Dochery in leeds

5.8.13 – Busy day!  Rufus the crossbreed rehomed to Ms Edwards & Mr Gowan in Eastleigh

7.8.13 – Betsy (now Sassie) the Staffy rehomed to Ms Allott in Sheffield

14 – 17.8.13 – Street collection in Barnsley town centre raised £911.53, our best in the last 3 years.  We also rehomed the two dogs Patsy & Georgie we took with us.  Thanks to all who contributed and grateful thanks to all our helpers, including Ann, Steve, Angie, Mrs Egan, Mrs Brown, Andrea, Jamie, Shauna, Sam, Tony & Louise (who adopted Blue).  Special thanks to staff (and rabbits) from Pets at Home stores in Barnsley and Cortonwood who joined us to help out.   See photo’s attached: Street Coll 2013(1)Street coll 2013(2)

18.8.13 – Patsy (now Maizy) the Staffy cross rehomed to Mr Thompson in Goldthorpe.  He had seen Patsy during the street collection and couldn’t wait to adopt her.

19.8.13 – Launch of our new, improved website.  Still work in progress but a step up from our old site.

21.8.13 – Wesley, our disabled Staffy cross on long term foster with Karen in Treeton.  Her children love him to bits and he likes to sit on their knees and give kisses.  Needless to say he’s happily settled with them.

21.8.13 – Holly (now Pippin) the Jack Russell cross Staffy rehomed to the Walker family in Sheffield

26.8.13 –  Bailey the Staffy cross rehomed to Mr Heseltine in Ferrybridge

29.8.13 – Georgie the Staffy rehomed to the Robinson family in Kenday as a result of him being seen on the street collection and licking everyone to death.  Georgie has new pals, including another dog, 5 cats, two corn snakes, an African land snail, hissing cockroaches and a chipmunk!