6.10.17 – Dee the Staffy rehomed to Calum in Wath on Dearne

11.10.17 – Socks the Staffy rehomed to the Dodds family in Swinton

14.10.17 – Lola the Staffy rehomed to Mr Lloyd in Mansfield

14.10.17 – Tasha the Staffy rehomed to Zoe in Harrogate

15.10.17 – Blue the Lurcher rehomed to the Ormond family in Cheshire

19.10.17 – Rory the Greyhound rehomed to Stephen Shaw in Wakefield

20.10.17 – Holly the Greyhound rehomed to the Kershaw family in Brighouse

20.10.17 – Terry the Crossbreed rehomed to Daniel Hignall in Sheffield

21.10.17 – Ophelia the Lurcher rehomed to Sheila in Wombwell

21.10.17 – Finn the Bedlington cross rehomed to Mr Phelan in Barnsley

22.10.17 – Lexi the Staffy cross rehomed to the Bould family in Barnsley

26.10.17 – Reggie the Staffy rehomed to the O’Hara family in Chorley

28.10.17 – Summer the Staffy rehomed to Naomi in Kippax

28.10.17 – Betty the Crossbreed rehomed to the Ingham family in Mossley

30.10.17 – Dave the Whippet rehomed to Annette in Wigan