1.8.18 – Bobby the Staffy rehomed to the Hoyle family in Rotherham

3.8.18 – Honey the Staffy rehomed to Helena & Andy in Doncaster

3.8.18 – Kiki the Lurcher rehomed to Sarah in Norfolk

8.8.18 – Mimi rehomed to the Halkyard family in Barnsley

15.8.18 – Purdey the Lurcher rehomed to Mr Metcalfe in Barnsley

16.8.18 – Hannah the Crossbreed pup rehomed to the Manes family in Sheffield

18.8.18 – Diesel the Staffy rehomed to the Fawcett family on The Wirral

22.8.18 – Ralph the Jack Russell rehomed to the Penfold family in Solihull

23.8.18 – Bella the Staffy rehomed to the Webb family in Conisbrough

26.8.18 – Blaze the Staffy rehomed to the Bradley family in Bolsover

27.8.18 – Nero the Staffy rehomed to the Parsons family in West Yorkshire

30.8.18 – Beau the Rottie cross rehomed to the Barnes family in York

31.8.18 – Pearl the Lurcher rehomed to Rhys in Sheffield