1.9.18 – Winston the Lurcher rehomed to the Lovett family in Cumbria

1.9.18 – Lottie the Staffy rehomed to the Jervis family in Stalybridge

4.9.18 – Zola the Staffy rehomed to the Longford family in Barnsley

12.9.18 – Jake the Crossbreed rehomed to the Gosling family in Barnsley

17.9.18 – Gucci the Jackahuahua rehomed to Zara in Sheffield

18.9.18 – Red the Staffy rehomed to the Evans family in Sleaford

25.9.18 – Jax the Terrier rehomed to Andrew & partner in Barnsley

28.9.18– Ted the Terrier rehomed to the Smith family in Barnsley